Flush Valve 3/6 L

Flush Valve is designed for the fixing in the ceramics and plastics tanks It has the possibility of installation in the covers with diameter 38 mm and the height’s regulation. The Valve has chromed button with the 3/6 L function which allows to decide about the quantity of the water flush. Flush Valve 3/6 L is under subject to appropriate requirements and functionality and has certified NF mark. Increased lifetime of the valves with NF mark shall cause that without fears they can be applied in the public utility toilets relaying on its higher quality and reliability.


3 lub 6 litrów
Spłuczki ceramiczne lub z tworzywa
2 year(s)
Varieties (1)
Opis EAN
Zawór spustowy 3/6 przywieszka 5903338303049
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